Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Tania Aunty was an amazing host and took me out for a day to visit the Oxford campus (one of the top items on my England bucket list). A 30 minute tube ride to Central London, 30 minutes of waiting for a bus, and a 2.5 hour bus ride to Oxford later, we were starved.  

After a rather heavy and delicious lunch, we set out to tour the campus and city of Oxford.

Oxford was so genuinely beautiful and nothing short of a royal palace. The European architecture, the British traditions during exam time, and the town itself were mesmerizing. I was constantly reminded of Hogwarts and the inspiration for so many aspects of Harry Potter.

We happened to visit Oxford right at the end of the semester when final exams were taking place. All the students we saw were walking around in actual gowns and suits, so we stopped a group of students who had finished their exams and asked about the outfits. It turns out that every Oxford student has to own a suit/ gown for church prayers, formal dinners, and for final exams.

Now on to the photos...A fair warning that this post is mostly pictures of beautiful buildings and the unique architecture.

The campus:

This is my last post from England - stay tuned for the next country and many more adventures!

Bits and Pieces of London

Outdoor Market in Central London

My lovely Tania Aunty and I enjoyed the warm weather in London by strolling through the Shakespeare Globe Theatre and found this beautiful outdoor market in the courtyard! Hot food stalls and delicacies, handmade crafts, art, flowers, music...

Spotted: Tania Aunty in yellow:
Handmade fragrant soaps with dried flowers

Lion King Musical in the West End

We finished off the night in the most perfect way possible - The Lion King Musical in the West End, my first show ever! I loved every last minute of it - the set was so grand, the performers so talented, and the theater completely packed.

And Simba is born!

An elephant in the audience

The Circle of Life

Trafalgar Square

The next day, I went to Trafalgar Square with my friend, Nikolay, who was visiting from Moscow. There was a Hare Krishna convention going on in the square, creating a vibrant and energetic atmosphere. 

But first...lunch:

Crowded square, everyone dressed up in Indian clothes, enjoying Indian food!

We browsed around the National Gallery for a few hours, admiring all the years of English art and tradition, then I headed to the Sherlock Holmes museum at 221b Baker Street:

The entrance!

The Hounds of Baskerville case:

Last, but not least - I stopped at Harrod's for the traditional London experience. I was enveloped in the sheer grandeur of the architecture and design. It was a truly unique experience - more "museum" than "department store," but stunning nonetheless.

My purchase: dried rose petal tea!

A caviar set...
 Caviar shot glasses...life necessities.

The Diana & Dodi Memorial inside Harrod's
 Paid respects to my all-time role model and idol, Princess Diana:

Ended the day cooking with Tania Aunty and relaxing with an earl grey/cognac mix:
Arugula Pomegranate Salad

Potato Gnocchi and Deviled Eggs with a side of sweet Port Wine

 Hope you all enjoyed this post - stay tuned to hear more about my trip to Oxford! After that, I'll be wrapping up my London posts! XoXo