Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Shanghai nights...

Jade Buddha Temple

My travels have taken me through an unexpected spiritual journey to the world's most famous and sacred religious places. In Shanghai, the journey continues at the world-renown Jade Buddha temple...

The most famous pieces of the temple are two Jade Buddhas imported from Burma in 1882. The first Buddha is sitting, a reflection of his moment of enlightenment. The second Buddha is reclining, reflecting his departure from this world in serenity. 

Below are the Three Golden Buddhas (left to right): Amitabha, Gautama Buddha, Bhaisajyaguru.

And finally, below are the two indescribably beautiful and serene Buddhas made of whole white jade. The first piece is the seated Buddha at the moment of enlightenment (sorry, this is a bit blurry) and the second is the reclining Buddha in his final moment of serenity.

Koi pond outside the temple:

Visiting the Jade Buddha temple was one of the more peaceful and self-preserving experiences I had through my travels and I hope to return there again some day...

Yu Yuan Garden of Happiness

We spent one of our nights taking a stroll through Old Town Shanghai...my favorite kind of streets lined with souvenirs and hole in the wall restaurants, tea houses, and the amazing view of the gardens


Last, but definitely not the least - I had the amazing opportunity to see Kaskade, one of my favorite DJs, while traveling in Shanghai! Needless to say, he was fantastic and I can't believe I touched his magic hand!! It's too bad I got food poisoning halfway into the night and had to turn back to rest for the next few days :( Nevertheless, totally worth it!!

This is my last post from Shanghai...more adventures to come from Xi'an!